Wellness Centre Events

March 2020
Welcome to Dr. Tammy Grime and The Village Centre for Integrative Medicine!

The Healing Source would like to extend a very warm welcome to Dr. Tammy Grime and the Village Centre for Integrative Medicine! This wonderful clinic is moving into the second floor and will be up and running in March 2020. They are accepting new patients!

The Village Centre for Integrative Medicine has a vision to create the best health care for people, which they believe is an integration of conventional and naturopathic medicine. Their aim is to build community to help support people through serious health issues, and to navigate their care to  ensure the best success for patients and their families. We are thrilled that their vision is aligned with ours. We sincerely look forward to collaborating and offering the very best in patient care and support!

The services they offer will include:

Nutritionist – for hands on support with dietary needs
Complete IV Nutrient Therapy and Injections
Ozone Therapies
Acupuncture and Cupping
Community Acupuncture
Bowen Therapy
EFT, Psychotherapy
Mindfulness Meditation
Group Support For specific nutrition requirements such as for auto-immune disease, cancer
Group meditation and support for stress and anxiety.

Below is a list of their staff and practitioners:
Edwin Shendelman – Office Manager
Dr. Tammy Grime, ND – Director and clinic owner
Dr. Michelle Richea, ND
Dr. Sahar El Awady, (MD, Egypt) – Medical support staff
Jen Bowers, RA – Community Acupuncture
Dr. Kim McKenzie, MD Internal Medicine, Geriatrician (part time)

Phone number: 416-546-4774
Email: villageintegrativemedicine@gmail.com

For more information, please visit their website here!

Past Wellness Centre Events 

We had so much fun at our book signing in our in-house juice bar on November 19th! “Princess Papaya’s ABCs of Happy Foods” is an exciting and educational children’s book on fruits and veggies. The wonderful local author signed copies of her book for lucky customers. Stay tuned for another book signing coming soon!





We celebrated Pharmacist Appreciation Day on October 15th 2019! Check out our feature on the special day in Snapd Bloor West here!

We took part in Bloor West Village BIA’s annual SIDEWALK SALE on Friday, June 14th 2019. Lots of laughs and good deals were had!

On May 25th 2019 our juice bar, Tender Love and Carrots, partnered up with The Body Shop to help promote their new facial care line! Their products are made with carrots and ginger. We spent the afternoon with them sampling our Ayla’s Afternoon Delight – a delicious fresh juice made with (you guessed it!) carrots and ginger 🙂

March was DETOX Month at The Healing Source! We held information sessions throughout the month to inform people on how to properly cleanse their body and why it’s important.