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The Healing Source Integrative Pharmacy and Wellness Centre

Welcome to our newly renovated store and wellness center located on Bloor West near Runnymede.

The Healing Source has three floors dedicated to providing integrative and holistic healing. The facility includes a walk-in medical clinic, a full time family physician, naturopathic and homeopathic practitioners, nutritionists, and psychotherapists. There are two floors focused on specialized home health care supplies.

Most of our multilingual team are European-trained with further education in Canada. Most are familiar faces who have worked in other traditional local pharmacies over the past 50 years!

Bringing you the Best in Health

Health News

U.S. scientists successfully turn human cancer cells back to normal in process that could ‘switch off’ disease

Cancer cells have been programmed back to normal by scientists in a breakthrough which could lead to new treatments and even reverse tumour growth. For the first time, aggressive breast, lung and bladder cancer cells have been turned back into harmless benign cells by restoring the function which prevents them from multiplying excessively and forming… Read More

Successful Cancer Trial shows tumor “Dissolve”

In Successful Cancer Trial, Therapy “Dissolves” Stage IV Tumor in 3 Weeks An experimental drug combination dissolved a cancerous tumor so fast, it caught researchers completely off-guard. The two-drug combo completely eliminated a woman’s melanoma — and left her completely cancer-free — in just three weeks. Read more from GoodNewsNetwork… Read More

Store News

TLC Crew Hold the PanAm Torch

On the way to the games, the PanAm torch visited our new Juice & Tea Bar at the Healing Source Read More

Traveling During March Break?

Hepatitis A & B (Twinrix) can keep your travel experience trouble free. All travel vaccines and injections are available right here by our Licensed Pharmacists Read More